(English) Trawling could harm oceans like ploughing land

[:en]Bottom trawling by fishermen may be even more damaging than previously thought, affecting the seabed as seriously as intensive ploughing of farmland erodes the soil, according to a new Spanish stud Read more

(English) 16 pilot whales die in Scottish cove

[:en]Sixteen pilot whales, including four calves, have died in a mass stranding on the coast of Fife in Scotland as rescuers fought a desperate battle to save others. Read more

(English) Ocean acidification could disrupt marine food chains

[:en]Ocean acidification caused by climate change is making it harder for creatures from clams to sea urchins to grow their shells, and the trend is likely to be felt most in polar regions, scientists said on Monday Read more

(English) Dolphin Social Networks Show First Hints of Culture

[:en]For the bottlenose dolphins of Shark Bay, Australia, functional fashion seems to be all the rage, with inclusion in cliques dependent on whether one is wearing a nose sponge new research suggests. Read more

(English) EU Fishing reforms face weakening

[:en]European governments are backsliding on commitments to make fishing sustainable, campaigners are warning. Read more

(English) Mass dolphin deaths caused by accoustic trauma

[:en]Accoustical trauma is the cause of the Mass Mortality Event that killed an estimated one thousand dolphins along the coast of northern Peru in March 2012. Read more